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Release 5.2 is now available


I understand that and agree with you.  I did not say the date had to be
anytime?  But I think sometime should be selected.

I suggest you or someone (I will help you if you like) contact all
implementations and ask them when they can support the new stuff???

Then we pick a date?

The hidden agenda I am working is as follows:

We have new addr arch and we got to transition.  We are also maybe going
to change the DNS AAAA records via IPng WG.  What I don't think we
should do is have to "deploy" IPv6 in a production manner with backward
compatible thingees from a test bed ..........I think this is not wise
as a strategy.   Transitioning v4 to v6 will be difficult enough without
doing v6 to v6 too.

What do you think?