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Literal addresses in URLs - 'splain to me

Right, this is *exactly* what we have to decide about.
Are there any operational situations where fixing DNS *requires*
web access?


>- [email protected] said:
> >However the fact is that when there is a catastrophic operational
> >problem with DNS, there can be cases where the *only* way to
> >repair the network is by using literal addresses, either to
> >send mail to another site, or to access remote systems -
> >and URLs are one of the ways we access remote systems these days.
> >So while I stick to the deprecation of literal addresses that is
> >in RFC 1900, I regretfully feel that we need them as emergency backup.
> A valid point.  But I don't see repairing DNS using URLs.  No one is
> saying you can't use IPv6 addresses in this input.  Just we don't need
> them for URLs.  They work fine now with FTP, Telnet, etc..
> /jim