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query re IPv6 URL format

At 5:04 AM -0700 10/16/97, Francis Dupont wrote:
> => I believe we are converging... I seems the solution is to get
> the IPv6 address, apply a transform which must replace colons by dots
> and append a trailer name which is not ambiguous.
>  The "ip6.int" proposal enters in this category, the problem is cut & paste
> doesn't work but no suitable transform meets this criterion (because
> of colons).

There are degrees of "cut-and-paste friendly".  In all cases, it seems
that after pasting an IPv6 address into a URL, one will have to edit the
resulting string.  Adding "[" and "]" before and after the pasted address
would be fairly painless.  Replacing all the ":"s with "."s would be
somewhat more annoying.  Reversing the order of all the hex digits,
putting dots between the digits, and adding ".ip6.int" to the end would
be deadly.

If we can't have perfect cut-and-paste, let's at least try to make it as
little hassle as possible to use generic cut-and-paste.