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An IPv6 WWW client

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   I am a graduate student at Soongsil graduate school. I want
   to run WWW client program over IPv6. Can I get the status of
   IPv6 WWW client programs used in 6bone? I have the information
   about Inria's MMM Web client, but I want to know about the
   others, too.
=> I know there are some IPv6 versions of Mosaic but Mosaic is
not the easiest program to recompile from the sources...
I'd like to do an IPv6 version of Lynx (very nice browser with
a text only interface, very useful for fast browsing (no stupid
blinking images :-) or for testing a page for individual users
(in Europe the bandwidth is incredibly expensive than when you
have to pay for it you disable the load of image fist :-)).
The problem is I don't know if I have the time to do it.
Someone has suggested the Arena browser too...


[email protected]

PS: if you look at the "ports" collection of FreeBSD you can find:
 - arena-i18n-beta3b
 - chimera-1.65
 - linemode-4.0D
 - lynx-2.7.1
 - mmm-0.40
 - mosaic-2.7b5
 - netscape-2.02
 - netscape-3.01
 - netscape-4.0b3
 - slang-lynx-2.7.1
 - w3-2.2.26
This gives the way to patch and build them too...