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reconnecting IPv6 site.

Jan Marius,

At 5:34 AM -0800 11/21/97, Jan Marius Evang wrote:
>I would (officially) ask to be delegated a 6bone pTLA for Norwegian
>testing of IPv6 at the Universsity of Oslo.
>Thi is registered in the RIPE database using the old addressing
>We are also cooperating with a couple of other companies in Norway
>that are planning IPv6 setups, and will probably delegate NLAs to
>It will (probably) be me, [email protected] (JME1-6BONE in the Ripe
>database) that will be responsible for the pTLA.

I have assigned your pTLA as follows:

	UIO/NO               3FFE:2A00::/24


I will do the inet6num record over the weekend, and will get back to you.