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FTP Software

I thought I had a commitment from them to call with status and possibly
beta software this summer but never heard, so I'm not sure they're
serious about it.  Please let me know if you do make successful contact.

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Network Engineering			Excellence will be tolerated."
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On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Aad van der Zanden wrote:

> Hi,
> After several serious attempts ( 3 emails , 2 voicemailmessages ) &
> One pager call, I have still not managed to get the product manager
> for Onnet32 and IPv6 from FTP software.
> Is there anyone out there on the 6bone that could provide me with answers
> to questions like:
> 1) Is FTP software (Onnet32)& IPv6 still moving ahead with EUI64 support.
> 2) And does it actually work...
> We have bought three sets of Onnet32 but haven't been able to get an IPv6
> ping to respond 
> Not very promising, right? Who knows more?..
> Regards
> 	Aad.