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ATTN: UK SITES ONLY (You've been warned... =))

Hi all,

	You may well remember that I have a couple of mailing 
lists running. Thats to say that they were running until my
harddisk died. 

	Among other things, I have a new machine, and DAT drive
to backup to =), as well as the domain "6bone.org.uk" registered.

	The two new mailing lists will be;

	[email protected]	(ip6ac list)
	[email protected]		(uk6bone list)

	Please take a moment to send a message to me on 
[email protected] and let me know which of the two lists you want 
to be on, the address you want mail sent to, and a note of 
wether the address is either V4 or v6.

	The archives from the list will be available, probably by ftp
and over the web.	

	I'll shortly have a publically accessible news server running
on news.6bone.org.uk, available via v4 or v6.

	Those people that want mail forwarding, or any other service 
under this domain should mail me suggestions.

	On a slight sidestep, I'll be contacting all the sites I have 
tunnels with to inform them of changes in routing and addresses at 
this end. I hope this is the last of any major changes, my apologies
for the disruption.