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Reverse DNS

Hi everybody.

There are an awful lot of routers and hosts at large in the 6bone with no
apparent reverse DNS mapping.  This is a bit of a nuisance, because it
makes traceroute dumps that much harder to understand when I'm trying to
debug routing problems (of which there still seem to be a few around).

When you have a few spare moments, could you make sure that reverse
mappings are in place for as many of your sites as practical?

As an aside, it looks like about 65 (out of 150) sites are consistently
unreachable from here at the moment.  That's not as bad as it used to be,
but still not too great.  You can get the gory details at
http://twizzle.trin.cam.ac.uk/ipv6/6bone-stats.html (look for the sites
with `never' against them).