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6bone.net now active


Philip Blundell writes:
> On Thu, 15 May 1997, Bob Fink wrote:
> > This might be a lot of work.  I do think all backbone border routers (and
> > maybe the transits as well) could be named like this.
> > 
> > As we are trying to emulate a real network, maybe we should treat the
> > "leaf" sites as the users and thus not part of the 6bone.net domain.
> I think it would be useful to have leaf sites in the 6bone.net domain as
> well, though maybe under some subdomain of it.  Perhaps I'm alone, but I
> find that connectivity is still sufficiently flaky that I want to ping
> other sites fairly often - and it would be a lot easier to say "ping
> uunet-uk.6bone.net" than to have to look up their RIPE entry and dig out
> the IPv6 address.
> I've added entries for the sites to which I have tunnels to my local DNS
> for just this purpose.
> Is there any way to automatically generate a zone file from the RIPE
> registry?

Yes. this is possible. However, I think that Alain is right that this is
not desired. There is a simple solution for your problem (when we start
using the new routing registry) with a little script that does something
like this:


rrping ipv6-site

- gets object 'ipv6-site' from routing registry with whois
- gets first application: ping line
- does a ping to the site as specified in the routing registry

David K.

PS I am willing to write such a script and post it if you think that it
   is useful.