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IP address assistance

>  Please check my work:

  Have you seen <http://www-cnr.lbl.gov/6bone/6bone_tools.html> and, in
particular, <http://www.ibs-us.net/ipv6/ipv6-addr.html>?

>	5F04:D700:C700:C100:0:A0:D102:33FA

  The tool page calculated it as (using as your IPv4 addr):


  Doesn't look like the byte got swapped properly (0xC700.C1 vs 0x00C7.C1).
Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the intel this morning, but I think
your answer is correct.

>  If I were subnetted at and I was on the 3rd subnet
>  (.128), would I represent that as 0080 in the 5th (double octet,
>  word, what name do we call these, hexadectets?)

  The subnet field doesn't help too much if you're an A-class either.  (:
Just decide which bits represent your subnet.
								--- john