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Anyone using Linux?

[Mark Komarinski]
>  I'm getting closer and closer to getting the IPv6 software compiled
>  for my Linux machine.  I'm running into problems, especially with
>  the net-tools package.  Here's the relevant: ...
>	Linux wayga.ratatosk.org 2.0.29 #2 Thu Apr 17 10:10:40 EDT 1997 i486
>  I have 2.1.36 compiled, but not booted (i.e. it's in /usr/src/linux).
>  RTF_CACHE is defined nowhere on the drive except that file.

  Which version of net-tools are you using?

  Right now, 2.1.36 requires a bunch of API patches to get a lot of the
software to compile properly.  I haven't tried to compile them with the
pre-patch-2.1.37-7 installed, but 2.1.37 is support to have all the API
patches in place when it comes out.  Getting this stuff crunched up
under a 2.0.x kernel is probably a lot more effort than it is worth.
In 2.0.30 they started yanking IPv6-chunks out of the header files.

  I believe net-tools 1.40 or 1.41 is current.  The API patch you want
is linux-advanced-api-patch-2.diff (intended for 2.1.26, but compiles
fairly cleanly against 2.1.36).
								--- john