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registry request

Dear 6bone member.

I'm working for InteropNet with Mr. Hagiwara san.
I forward following message from Mr. Hagiwara san.

Could you take care of it !

				Osamu N.

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Subject: registry request
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> Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 14:08:27 +0900
> To:[email protected]
> From:Atsushi Hagiwara <[email protected]>
> Subject:registry request
> Hi,
> I'd like to register a prefix for the 6bone. I have visitied 6bone home page
and read "HOW-TO" then I knew I need to obtain group id and password for me to
put my object on the server. Could someone please let me know.
> btw, this *is* not for the one belongs to Bay which is already registered,
instead this is for the InterOp, because InterOp has introduced V6 connectivity
for the exhibitors. I'll be in charge of V6 in the InterOp. 
> # I know we are sending bogus /80 onto the 6bone...sorry...will fix soon ;-)
> Thanks,
> Atsushi

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