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New Tunnel NWNet/US <-> IXA/US

A new 6Bone tunnel between NorthWestNet, Inc. (NWNET/US) and
Interconnected Associates, Inc. (IXA/US) has been configured running

Our new RIPE entry is:

location:       Bellevue, Washington, USA
loc-string:     47 35 2n 122 8 2w 5m
prefix:         5F02:AD00:C050:0D00/64
ping:           mahogany.ipv6.nwnet.net (5f02:ad00:c050:d00:1:800:207F:049D)
ping:           nwnet-6bone-gw.ipv6.nwnet.net (5f02:ad00:c050:d00:1::c1a:c8a8)
tunnel: DIGITAL-CA/US - RIPng operational
tunnel: UOREGON/US - RIPng operational
tunnel: CICNET/US - RIPng operational
tunnel: ALASKA/US - RIPng operational
tunnel: UUNET/UK - RIPng experimental
tunnel: ESNET/US - RIPng operational
tunnel: UW/US - Static operational
tunnel: IXA/US - RIPng operational
contact:        Doug Junkins <[email protected]>
status:         operational since 12/6/96
remarks:        nwnet-6bone-gw.nwnet.net is a Cisco 4000M
remarks:        will add tunnels to people with ipv4 connectivity to
remarks:        NorthWestNet, MCI, Sprint's Seattle POP, and UUNet's
remarks:        Seattle and Portland POPs.
remarks:        Please send connectivity problems and requests to the
remarks:        above contact
changed:        [email protected] 970326
source:         RIPE

- Doug

 /  Douglas A. Junkins    |   Network Engineering        \
/   Network Engineer      |   NorthWestNet                \
\   [email protected]     |   Bellevue, Washington, USA   /
 \  +1-206-649-7419       |                              /