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6bone attachment point

Hi Rob,

After talking to NL.net they told me that 6Bone tunnels are not yet
supported by
there network. On this moment they are experimenting with tunneling and

Talk to them for more information.

When you want to make a tunnel, contact Martin D. Peck ([email protected])

With regards Jan H. van Gils

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>From: 	Rob Goode[SMTP:[email protected]]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, March 18, 1997 3:22 PM
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>Subject: 	6bone attachment point
>Dear Sirs,
>please could you tell me which would be the most
>appropriate attachement point to the 6bone for us.
>Our provider is NL-NET in the Netherlands (Holland).
>Yours sincerely,
>Rob Goode
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