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UUNET/UK update

Hi All,

UUNET/UK now has a second ipv6 router at our PoP in Telehouse, London.  We
are happy to setup tunnels when asked, particularly to organisations with
connectivity to LINX in Telehouse, DGIX in Stockholm, AMS-IX in Amsterdam
and the UUNET global infrastructure.  We can currently support RIPng and
static routing.  

A public thankyou to all the folks to whom we already have tunnels for
their patience and help while I chased problems round the net during the
installation of the second router.  It's amazing the problems one little
typo can cause <grin>. 

Our current ip6rr record is as follows....

site:           UUNET-UK
location:       Cambridge, UK
prefix:         5f07:3900/32
ping:		5f07:3900:9e2b:8500:0000:1111:1111:1111 6bone-gw.lon.ip6.pipex.net
ping:		5f07:3900:9e2b:c000:0000:0060:3e59:4d90 eth0.6bone-gw.lon.ip6.pipex.net
ping:		5f07:3900:9e2b:8500:0000:2222:2222:2222 6bone-gw.cam.ip6.pipex.net
ping:           5f07:3900:9e2b:8900:0098:0000:0c92:145c eth0.6bone-gw.cam.ip6.pipex.net
ping:		5f07:3900:00c2:8200:0000:0000:c00d:03c4 swannee.ip6.pipex.net
tunnel: 	CISCO/US RIPng operational
tunnel: 	BAY/US RIPng operational
tunnel: 	NWNET/US RIPng operational
tunnel:	TELEBIT/DK RIPng operational
tunnel:	IFB/UK RIPng operational
tunnel:	UNI-C/DK RIPng operational
tunnel:	SICS/SE RIPng operational
tunnel:	DIGITAL-CA/US RIPng operational
tunnel:	SURFNET/NL RIPng operational
tunnel:	KIT/KZ static operational
tunnel:	USOT-ECS/UK static operational
tunnel:	ULANC/UK RIPng operational
contact:        IPv6 operations <[email protected]>
status:         operational since 20-Feb-97
remark:         DNS operational for forward (ip6.pipex.net) and reverse
remark:		zones
remark:		http://swannee.ip6.pipex.net:81/index.html
remark:		Willing to add tunnels on request
changed:        [email protected] 970313
source:         RIPE

Finally, plans are afoot with various UK organisations (incl. IFB and
USOT-ECS) to finally get the UK connectivity into shape.  We're kind of
waiting for the murmurings from UKERNA/JANET to get a bit louder ;-)