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New Tunnel

A tunnel has been established between the University of Washington 
and NWNet:

site:           UW
location:       University of Washington, Seattle, WA USA
loc-string:     49 39 42n 122 18 45w
prefix:         5F02:AD00:8C8E/48
ping:           chickadee.ipv6.washington.edu 5F02:AD00:8C8E::60:A0:2470:63EC
tunnel: NWNET
contact:        [email protected]
status:         operational 970306
remark:         chickadee.ipv6.washington.edu is a pentium/133 linux 2.1.27
changed:        [email protected] 970311
source:         RIPE

John D. Carlson
Networks and Distributed Computing     EMAIL: [email protected] 
University of Washington               BELL:     (206) 685-6204
4545 15th Ave NE                       FAX:	 (206) 685-4044 
Seattle, WA  98105