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The bad idea fairy

> > I don't think you meant to announce these to me. I'll filter the defaults on
> > my end:
> 	While thats fine, its not clear to me why we are labeling these
> 	prefixes "bad"/"martian" up front.  
> 	Why are IPv4 mapped addresses "bad"?  The current answer is that
> 	they are "confusing".   Not good enough by me.
> 	The other, larger question is, do the cidr rules apply across the
> 	whole IPv6 address?  If so, why?  
> 	I'll note that in the IPv4
> 	world, I can aggregate across the whole address range and even
> 	announce it (or large chucks thereof)  (see the 1/4 default that
> 	sprint was running for a brief period... 192/3)
> 	Then there is the subordinate query about the IPv6 equivalents of
> 	/31 and /32 announcements.  Yes, host routes are pathological.
> 	Why can't ciscos generate a true /128 announcement?