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ASNs and 1897 (was: Getting attached...)

> Jason Duerstock <[email protected]> writes:
> > > Note that an RFC1897 format address includes the ASN (Autonomous System
> > > Number) of one's provider, not an ASN that belongs to one's own site.
> > > (Though a provider uses its own ASN.)
> This is completely incomprehensible. Why should I use the ASN of my
> `provider' if I have one of my own (which is typically not the case)?

Hoping that I am not the Nth to answer (for N >> 1) ...

You use the ASN of the provider who gives you a 6bone link because
that way the address prefixes aggregate well.  My site has an ASN of
its own, and has multiple connections to the world, but my IPv6
testing prefix incorporates the ASN of the provider who is at the
other end of my external IPv6 tunnel.

> Also, more or less by definition, if I have an AS number, I have more
> than one `provider'.

Consider just your primary, or your only, IPv6 connection.