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suspect routing?

On Mar 4,  8:23am, [email protected] wrote:
> Subject: suspect routing?
> Hi,
> 	What is the general take on mapped IPv4 address prefixes being
> 	propogated within 6bone, e.g.  ::
> 	And I've found a recent "feature" that allows the propogation
> 	of the loopback address  ::1

My opinion is that:

	- IPv4 compatible routes should not be advertized
	- Static routes should be injected in RIPng
	  only if they are for directly attached links or tunnels
	- No default route nor 5f00::/8 routes shld ever be advertized
	- more generaly, no routes with a prefixlength < 32 should
	  ever be advertized.

- Alain.