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new RIPE-style routing registry conversion


I am ready to do the conversion to the new registry as already announced
earlier by Bob.

I would like to carry out this operation during this weekend if there are
no objections.

I will try to convert the data as best as possible using some smart
scripts and manual editing but please realize that it is not always
possible due to lack of consistency in the current data set and the
already quite large number of objects. I would like to ask if everybody
could check their data in the new registry after the conversion is
completed and update any data that is incorrect. Don't hesitate to send
me questions if you have problems doing so, but please with this until I
send an announcement that the conversion has been completed.

I will send out a mail after the conversion has been done with full
details and pointers to information on how to work with the new registry.
In the mean time, check out: http://www.isi.edu/~davidk/6bone/ for a
preview of the new registry. Note that updates to the current test
registry will stop working soon due to the switchover to our new
dedicated machine (whois.6bone.net).

David K.