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6BONE down?

Having persisting problems with routing to NRL I tried to look around
and hand-made the following table showing backbone sites reachability.

1st columnt contains a list of all backbone sites according to
1st row lists the sites doing measurements, 2nd row - backbone sites
	they are connected to.
Measurements are from different hours but more less Jun 2nd/3rd evening/night

'x' means reachable
'-' no measuments done

The is a lot of sites completely down and some important ones appearing
and disappering, like UUNET-UK (I couldn't get from PDi to UCAM-T today
but now the route via UUNET-UK is back). Another site, important for
a linuxer is NRL (and ftpV6 archive at Inner). It seems to be down

Because the table consist mostly of holes I'd like to start with e.g.
NRL - has anybody seen a route to it? What are good methods to find
problems in 6BONE? - I imagine that publishing raw routing table dump
for all backbone sites, via ftp or WWW (or running public SNMP) would
help a lot.


#who            JOIN    NIST    TU-BS   CRS4    CSELT   PDiT    UCAM-T
#via                    NRL,G6  JOIN    CSELT?          SICS    IFB,UUNET-UK
UNI-C           x       x                               x
TELEBIT         x       x                       x       x
SICS            x       x                       x       x       x
G6              x       x                       x       x       x?
JOIN            x       x                       x       x
WIDE                    x?
SURFNET                                         x
ESNET                                           x
NWNET           x       -                       x       x
IFB                     -                       x       x
NRL                     -
CSELT           x                               x               ?
UUNET-UK                                                x
DIGITAL-CA      x                               x       x       x
BAY             x                               x       x

Rafal Maszkowski [email protected]           http://www.torun.pdi.net/~rzm
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