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Hey, guys, thank you for all the e-mails, but please
notice the following:

1. The Spectrum PCT is connected to the Internet via Satallite Dish,
directly to Digex.Net in US, so its addresses are part of the US
net. One of the resellers of Spectrum is Techno-Link -- check this out
www.techno-link.com -- it is in the top US domain. I know them well
(Spectrum) and I could talk with them.

2. BUT, STILL the official Bulgarian Domain is '.bg' which is mainly
maintained by Digital Systems -- www.digsys.bg, ns.digsys.bg,
ns.eunet.bg; Until recently, all of the records in its Name Server, were
available for listing, so I have all of their domain listed --
if someone is intrested, call. But the with them, is that United
States Peace Corps have account there, and this is actually, the place
I am at, right now, and I am using an old UUPC client, and it is at some
point terible. There Technical Chief is someone you JUST can't find by
phone. I'll do my Best to contact him, and make him think on switching
into 6bone, but still, it is difficult. Remember, that the speed thru
this provider (digsys-Digital System) is sometimes 20, 30, max 100 bytes
per second. Very rarely is about 1000 bytes, and the last is estimated
on 28.8 Kb/s line to them, when nobody is using it. Which means, the
have overselled their structure, too much.

3. The speed, with Spectrum PCT, is almost always more than 1.5 KBYTES
per second for 14.4 Kb/s line.

Regards to all of you, and have a nice time, outthere.
Zvezdelin Vladov

 * Zvezdelin Vladov, Assistant, United States Peace Corps - Bulgaria        *
 * "Internet Show" - Host & Author, Sunday 9am-10am, Radio Plovdiv, FM 103.1*