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Sites that are running statistics...


At 6:04 AM -0700 7/17/97, Ben Crosby wrote:
>Hi people,
>	This is just a request for some answers to a few things.
>We're now officially using the RIPE style registry, so should the FTP
>records also be updated when we update our RIPE style entry?
>If the answer is no, and I hope it is =), then please, please could I urge
>those of you who are running any kind of statistics monitoring, e.g. ping,
>to update your scripts to use the RIPE style database.
>My site record was recently updated, yet the old IP addresses are still
>being bombarded with ICMP echo-requests.... =/

Thanks for bringing this up.  I will soon announce that we will remove the
old ftp-based directory entirely so we can avoid this problem (hoping, of
course, that folk convert their stuff as you request).

Sooo...everyone should only be using the new ripe-based registry.