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G6, new topology & routing policy

At 19:44 +0100 23/01/97, Alain Durand wrote:
>If we reorganize the 6-bone in a geographical approach, I realize
>I should not annouce some sites and maybe I should dig some new tunnels
>with other european sites.
>I would like to get some comments: is a geographical approach a good thing?
>will it (or should it) map the underlaying IPv4 networks?
>I think this is an important point in this discussion.
I'm new on this list. will be on the 6bone in the next few days. I've been
involved in the mbone since a long time (as probably many of this list).  I
think that we should map to the underlaying ipv4 network.  The best way,
least headaches.

Regards, Marc.

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