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last chance at the 6bone WG charter, goals and milestones

6bone Folk:

I will need to submit the 6bone charter, goals and milestones to the area
director(s) real soon now.  I have not had a single comment from the mailer
on the tentative one I submitted on 17 December.

So...I would like to give you one more chance to modify it before I submit
it.  I have included my own rework of the goals and milestones I sent last
month, mostly to clean it up for consistency in dates and work flow.

I really need to know this isn't just my own pipe dream!  Silence doesn't
do it.

Comments to the mailer please (unless you are beating me up that is :-)



Goals and Milestones:

Jan 97 / Establish and submit initial charter, goals, and first year Goals
and Milestones (this list).

Jan-Mar 97 / Discussion on topology, addressing and routing for a new 6bone
infrastructure better suited to IPv6 testbed goals.

Jan-Mar 97 / Discussion on the future of the RIPE-NCC 6bone routing
registry and how it relates to the RPSL work.

Jan-Dec 97 / Continuing interaction with, and feedback to, the IPng working
groups at the IETF based on 6bone experience.

Mar-Apr 97 / Begin work on an Internet-Draft outlining requirements for the
new 6bone infrastructure.

Apr 97 / Begin to restructure the 6bone testbed based on discussions.

Jan-Feb 97 / Interact with RPS WG on extensions for "Representing Tunnels
in RPSL" based on David Meyer's Internet-Draft.

Apr 97 / Decide what direction to take with the RIPE-NCC 6bone routing

Aug 97 / Finish work on Internet-Draft outlining requirements for the new
6bone infrastructure.

Sep 97 / Interact with MBONED on their work for co-existence strategies for
IPv4 multicast and IPv6 multicast. (This based on the MBONED milestones.)

Dec 97 / Begin work on a document describing operational practices and
experiences for the 6bone.

Draft 6bone Charter as presented at the BOF

The 6bone Working Group is a forum for information concerning the
deployment, engineering, and operation of ipv6 protocols and procedures
in the global Internet. This activity will include, but not be limited to:

- Deployment of ipv6 transport and routing in the global Internet via a
"6bone" testbed to assist in the following.

- Creation of "practice and experience" informational RFC documents that
capture the experiences of those who have deployed, and are deploying,
various ipv6 technologies.

- Feedback to various IETF ipv6-related activities, based on testbed
experience, where appropriate.

- Development of mechanisms and procedures to aid in the transition to
native ipv6, where appropriate.

- Development of mechanisms and procedures for sharing operational
information to aid in operation of global ipv6 routing.

- end