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current pTLA list - 28Aug97

> I'd like to carve addresses from a separate TLA for interconnects (i.e. a
> TLA not associated with any site). It would be nice if somebody will step
> in and administer such a thing... if not i guess i'll have to volunteer.


Y'know, I've been wondering about the scalability of assigning a TLA
per exchange.  Since a gigapop is expected to have no more than
10-100 members, if a gigapop is an exchange of the sort that gets a
TLA, it just isn't going to fly.

Ergo, I'm going to set up my MREN exchange with an pNLA1 of my pTLA
while I think about the implications of having disconnected sets of
exchanges sharing a TLA.

If you want to do likewise and use the same pTLA (I'm willing to do
the record keeping), then one of us can become the first to give back
a pTLA.