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current pTLA list - 28Aug97

>>>>> "bmanning" == bmanning  <[email protected]> writes:

    >>  >>>>> "Bob" == Bob Fink <[email protected]> writes:
    Bob> CISCO 3FFE:0C00::/24
    >>  Bob,
    >> I'd like to carve addresses from a separate TLA for
    >> interconnects (i.e. a TLA not associated with any site). It
    >> would be nice if somebody will step in and administer such a
    >> thing... if not i guess i'll have to volunteer.
    >> Pedro.

    bmanning> I was sort of hoping to use the 0000 range for this but
    bmanning> craig beat us to it.

Does that mean you volunteer to administer the interconnect space ? Good.

How will you delegate it ?
I believe the best plan is to just assign /12[6-7] subnets sequentially...

I'm in need of 14 subnets...