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call for 6bone TLA participants for Oct. 1 renumbering of backbone

Bob and 6bone folks,

We would like to be one of early 6bone test pTLAs. 


Our immediate interests are in implementing IPv6 routing
protocols on MRT (see details at http://www.merit.edu/~mrt/),
expanding our tools in MRT with IPv6, and also analyzing the
early 6bone with the tools to provide useful information for
developing IPv6/6bone.

We are also going to have an early IPv6 experience with our
operational staffs in managing our 6bone connection,
participating in early trials, and also providing an application
over the 6bone.


We have implemented RIPng on MRT and tested it over 6bone with a
couple of implementations. 

We have ported our code on IPv6 kernels developed by Sun, INRIA,
Linux, NRL and WIDE, and are keeping cooperative with these
developers by developing on their kernels, as well as other
router vendors by testing interoperability over the 6bone.

Now we are finalizing an implementation of BGP4+ available on
MRT, which includes a couple of BGP4+ tools to help a test and
analysis on routing.

We are also planing to move our 6bone router to our NOC where we
can manage it well to provide a more stable 6bone connection for
our neighborhood who wants to join the 6bone.

I'm now working on MRT and 6bone at Merit, and can actively
participate in this transition with our team members and of
other Merit projects, GateD and so on.

Thank you,
Masaki Hirabaru
Merit Network, Inc.

> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 22:32:23 +0200
> To: [email protected] (6BONE Mailer)
> From: Bob Fink <[email protected]>
> Subject: call for 6bone TLA participants for Oct. 1 renumbering of
>  backbone 
> Cc: [email protected] (Bob Fink LBNL)
> Sender: [email protected]
> Precedence: bulk
> Per the 6bone backbone ad hoc meeting in Munich, I am calling for those
> interested in being an early 6bone test pTLA (i.e., pseudo TLAs assigned
> from the NLA1 field of the 6bone Test address allocation) when the
> renumbering to the new Aggregation-based unicast address format is started
> on 1 October.
> Requirements are willingness and ability to actively participate in this
> timeframe, and demonstrated experience with IPv6 and the 6bone.
> Please send your requests to become a 6bone pTLA to the 6bone mail list
> with text sufficient to describe your interest and qualifications.
> I will assign test pTLAs to all reasonable request at this time.
> Thanks,
> Bob