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call for 6bone TLA participants for Oct. 1 renumbering of backbone

Hi Bob,
	I would like to request a test pTLA on behalf of 3com.
We have just finished development of IPv6 on a 3com router and
have tested its interoperability at UNH.

	My qualifications include development of IPv6 on 
NetBSD as well as on 3com routers. I had initiated the UNH 6bone
site and had maintained it for a while. We at UNH had successfully
provided 6bone connectivity to other sites. Enough of bragging :-).

	My main interest would be to test the interoperability of
3com router (being a backbone router would stress it to). Hopefully
this will send a positive message that there are enough router and
host vendors interoperating well on the 6bone to start native deployment.

I will try my best to provide 6bone connectivity to any other sites.

Please feel free to send me questions, comments.


 > Per the 6bone backbone ad hoc meeting in Munich, I am calling for those
 > interested in being an early 6bone test pTLA (i.e., pseudo TLAs assigned
 > from the NLA1 field of the 6bone Test address allocation) when the
 > renumbering to the new Aggregation-based unicast address format is started
 > on 1 October.
 > Requirements are willingness and ability to actively participate in this
 > timeframe, and demonstrated experience with IPv6 and the 6bone.
 > Please send your requests to become a 6bone pTLA to the 6bone mail list
 > with text sufficient to describe your interest and qualifications.
 > I will assign test pTLAs to all reasonable request at this time.
 > Thanks,
 > Bob