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6bone backbone planning & move to testing aggregation address format

6bone backbone planning meeting - 14 August 1997, Munich, DE.

Alain Durand held a BOF for those interested in 6bone backbone planning
under the new test aggregation address format.  There were 27 people in

Alain Durand (G6, FR) spoke on the need to minimize backone tunnels to
clean up routing.  There were comments for this, explaing the reasons why
it is needed at this time, and comments as to why we shouldn't worry about

Stephen Stuart (Digital-ca, US) spoke on reasons to cleanup peering, and to
have multiple interconnect points for ISP TLA's.

Matt Crawford showed various multi-prefix scenarios.

There was a general consensus that there was a need to simplify the 6bone
bacbone topology.

Bob Fink (ESnet/LBNL, US) then led a discussion to generate a plan for
readdressing and backbone restructuring. This discussion led to the
following general agreements:

1. that we assign Testing pTLAs (i.e., pseudo TLAs assigned from the NLA1
field of the 6bone Test address allocation) from the Test Aggregation
addressing I-D as follows:

TELEBIT/DK	3FFE:0100::/24
SICS/SE		3FFE:0200::/24
G6/FR		3FFE:0300::/24
JOIN/DE		3FFE:0400::/24
WIDE/JP		3FFE:0500::/24
SURFNET/NL	3FFE:0600::/24
ESNET/US	3FFE:0700::/24
CICNET/US	3FFE:0800::/24
ISI-LAP/US	3FFE:0800::/24
NWNET/US	3FFE:0A00::/24
CISCO/US	3FFE:0C00::/24
ANS/US		3FFE:0D00::/24
IFB/UK		3FFE:0E00::/24
NRL/US		3FFE:0F00::/24
CSELT/IT	3FFE:1000::/24
UUNET/UK	3FFE:1100::/24
DIGITAL-CA/US	3FFE:1200::/24
BAY/US		3FFE:1300::/24
UNI-C/DK	3FFE:1400::/24

Note: we started at 1 because Bob is nervous about using 0 :-)

2. that we establish October 1 as the start date for renumbering the
backbone to testing aggregation addresses, with the goal of November 1 for
coming online.

3. that all backbone sites will peer with BGP4+, and only BGP4+.

4. that the old testing addresses (RFC 1897) be discontinued on the
backbone as early as October 1 (by sites already renumbered) and not later
than November 1 when the newly addressed backbone is scheduled to be fully

5. that a call for new pTLA candidates be issued immediately, for inclusion
in the October 1 renumbering/restructuring, where the criteria to be
applied for inclusion is willingness and ability to actively participate in
this timeframe, and demonstrated experience with IPv6 and the 6bone.

6. that a call for existing backbone sites (given a pTLA above) be made to
decide themselves if they are able to participate in this renumbering/
resructuring effort, and be encouraged to give back their pTLA assignment
for now if they aren't able to participate.  (Note:  any site doing this
can easily reapply at a later time.)