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Full 6BONE database now available in RIPE style database

I'm enthused that David has installed a RIPE style database for the
6BONE registry...but it raises a few operational issues that we should work
out before we cause ourselves some problems.

1. we need to agree that we are officially switching to it and a time to
turn OFF the RIPE ftp-based database.  This is necessary to avoid duplicate
entries as the next RIPE-style preload won't be easy if we have to sort out
which is the correct entry to carry over.

2. we need to decide where it will reside (ISI is ok by me, but I haven't
heard from the RIPE folk on their intent yet).

3. we need some web documentation (I've agreed to do this for David).

4. we need a web-based mechanism to query the database with so we don't
have to just rely on whois commands.  This is necessary for two
reasons...one is to make it easier for users to simply use a 6bone web page
to query site data, and the other is to allow hot buttons to work on my

5. other issues I'm too uninformed about to mention??

I contend we should discuss this on the mailer a bit, and at the meetings
next week, to see where we are before anyone starts putting their data in
this new database.

Comments to the mailer please!



At 9:31 PM -0800 3/31/97, [email protected] wrote:
>This is to inform you that I have installed a RIPE style database for the
>6BONE registry. I have also converted *all* RIPE ftp registry data (from
>this morning) to the new format as described by the draft that I posted
>recently. This will make it possible to use this registry as the main
>6BONE repository from now on, if desired so.
>Note that there are some incompatibilities between the old and new format
>which will only show up when updating the data in the registry. Just
>check the draft if you find a problem when you try to update the data.
>You might also see some funny entries that couldn't be fixed by my
>conversion scripts. Just fix them manually. I would have liked to have
>done a better job in that regard but I am simply lacking the time to
>convert 125 objects manually...
>There are some changes with the draft:
>- I use the value '6BONE' in the source: attribute
>- I have required the addition of the origin: AS (please let me know
>  if this is a bad idea). I thought that this gives nice possibilities for
>  lookups and some better idea how people derived their Ipv6 address space.
>Biggest change from the ftp directory approach:
>- contact information is stored in different objects (role or person
>  objects). You will be required to use a NIC handle (RIPE, InterNIC or
>  from another registry) in the contact: field. You can create your own
>  person/role object with 6BONE NIC handle if you don't have a NIC handle
>  of one of the registries yet. I already tried to create some
>  person/role objects automatically. Just do a search for your object and
>  you will find if this is the case for you.
>- domain names are used instead of IP numbers. This makes it very easy to
>  find out about the IPv6 and/or IPv4 number which is needed for some of
>  the apllications that people are using on the 6BONE. Note that some of
>  the old objects still contain IP numbers. They will not be accepted
>  anymore when updating the data. It might be nice if somebody knows
>  about a tool like 'host' that could support both an IPv4 & IPv6 lookup
>  at the same time.
>- syntax checking will make the quality of the data better and will allow
>  people to write tools to handle the data (for example 6BONE maps ;-)).
>  Please inform me of any bugs in the syntax checking code since it is
>  very new. You can always use the remarks: attribute if you need to
>  document features that are not available in the current format.
>Known problems/missing features:
>- The server can not resolve non-6BONE NIC handles yet. I plan to do
>  something about this, time allowing. Just use a second query to the
>  appropriate registry to find the data:
>  no suffix/-ORG  whois.internic.net
>  -RIPE           whois.ripe.net
>  -APNIC          whois.apnic.net
>- No 24/7 helpdesk is available. The database doesn't have a dedicated
>  machine right now.
>- I plan to make the full dump of the database available on a daily basis
>  as soon as possible. I will put a copyright message with my name, USC &
>  ISI in the data set to protect against abuse (spamming). Please let me
>  know if you know a better organization for the copyright if such thing
>  exists ...
>- No nice web site with helpfull documents
>- No web forms based interface (I might be doing this if I can find some
>  time)
>How to query the database:
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu SearchKey
>(or as an alternative: 'telnet brind.isi.edu whois'
> and type the SearchKey when you are connected)
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu HELP
>will send you the help/howto file on howto find and update objects.
>Please check out the document for howto create, update or delete your
>objects in a RIPE style database. It is not difficult but it helps a lot
>if you have read the document (particurlarly the NIC handle section if
>you need to create a person/role object). Note that the actual formats
>are described in the internet draft. Send your updates by E-mail to:
>[email protected]
>Your update will be done and you will usually receive an acknowledgement
>message in just a few seconds.
>The following whois tools are available for those of you who don't have a
>version of whois OR want to use the full capabilities of the RIPE whois
>Some interesting examples:
>The objects have the same name as the RIPE filename. Just do a search for
>your object by doing for example:
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu CSELT
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu 5F16:4D00::/32
>Search first level more specifics (be carefull to specify a correct IPv6
>prefix/address or the server will only do a 'string' based search):
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu -M  5F16:4D00::/32
>Search all more specifics:
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu -M  5F16:4D00::/32
>Search all less specifics:
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu -L  5F16:4D00::/33
>Find all objects with origin AS=Your(Providers)AS
>(note: there are curently no objects with this attribute specified
>       since it is a new feature. Just add the attribute to your ipv6
>       object and try this feature)
>$ whois -h brind.isi.edu -i origin Your(Providers)AS
>Don't hesitate to experiment a bit by adding an object or doing some
>query trials but please remove any experimental objects after use.
>Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I might react a
>bit delayed though, since I am very busy with some other IETF related work ...
>I hope this helps,
>David K.