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Stats from NIST site.

We had a major outage this weekend so I don't know if this made it...

Autogenerated and color-coded ping statistics from NIST can be found at:


The script downloads the RIPE registries and attempts to ping every
pingable site listed in each file.  This include the v4 Tunnel address.

Data is gathered using ping on a BSD/OS PC running the NRL Alpha-3 IPv6
code. The pinging system is two hops from the tunnel end-point. This
implies that v6 RTTs are relative to the return trip times for NIST.
Thus, computed RTT is given as SITE RTT - NIST RTT.

v4 paths are different than the v6 tunnel paths. v4 Tunnel RTTs are
listed but have little, if any, relation to v6 RTT.

Each site is pinged 10 times using a packet size of 500 bytes.
Statistics are gathered every hour.

NOTE: I tried 1000 bytes but that failed too often.

Rob G.
[email protected]

PS - If anyone wants a copy of the script, let me know.  FYI: To run it
     you need PERL 5 or better installed.