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6bone map change - Sun registered and lines don't cross :-)


>	Thanx Bob for the nice job you've done.
>	I'm just back from the RIPE meeting in A'dam where the IPv6-wg
>	meet. Francis, GeertJan and me have presented the 6bone initiative
>	and many other things related to IPv6. We have invited everybody
>	attending the session to launch IPv6 hosts at their office and
>	connect to the 6bone... after having been registered at the RIPE !
>	The group strongly recommand the RIPE NCC to have an active role
>	in the coordination inside Europe.
>	I think minutes of the meeting will be available sooner or later
>	and I wonder if it's of intereset for people participating this
>	mailing list to get them (or an URL where to pick them up) ?

Glad things went well.

Yes, please do let us know how to get the minutes.