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6bone Registry

Geert Jan:

First off, I am extremely glad the 6bone routing registry has taken off like it
has. This should make things easier for all of us and benefit the 6bone's
future... I appreciate your initiative in getting this going. In moving towards
some sort of standard format, I would like to propose the following
additions/enhancements to the 6bone registry:

# Require 'loc-string' compliance with RFC1876 (DNS LOC RR format)... Some sort
of standard method needs to be defined here, and since we have RFC1876, might
as well use that as the standard. (Maybe that's what you are already using?)

# Make the tunnel format more clear; my specific thoughts are to do something
like the following:

tunnel: <encapsulated> in <encapsulating> src <srcpt> [srchandle] dst <dstpt>

e.g. tunnel: IPv6 in IPv4 src NAS dst Cisco

This makes it perfectly clear what is being tunnelled, and over what. I feel
this would be the most extensible format for future use. (Also note the
implications of a digraph network format as opposed to bidirectional tunnels).
Of course, if we are just concerned about the here and now a more brief and
simpler tunnel format  (ala 'tunnel: <endpt1> <endpt2>') may be sufficient.

Any variations on the above are encouraged. I tend to lean towards the verbose,
plus the previous makes for fairly easy regexp matching. :-)

# Include the "site:" tag or similar for a site handle. This site handle then
would be the filenames you are using in the registry and would uniquely
identify a particular 6bone node. (node in the 6bone overview sense)

These ideas are a culmination of discussions between myself, Bob Fink, David K,
and other members of the list. As soon as some sort of standard is implemented,
we can move ahead with some more automation and other enhancements.

Comments / feedback requested!

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