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6bone map from LBL


  I personally would find it easier to verify my routing table completeness
and accuracy if your map went back to its former self and included the
"Routing Prefix" for each site and also added a "Ping Address" for each site.
Others might also find this useful in keeping their tables current.

  It might also be useful if at some future data (say 1 October 96) the map
were revised to ONLY include data from the RIPE database (one has to register
with RIPE in order to show up on the LBL-maintained map).  It would be useful
if Kevin at NASA/Ames did the same thing with his map, IMHO.

  This small action would provide a very strong incentive for folks to keep
their data current in the RIPE IPv6 database.  By announcing this 10-14 days
before the policy took effect, everyone would have time to get their data
online at RIPE.  The only objective is to strongly encourage folks to keep
their data online at RIPE (which is open to everyone) and to encourage
everyone to keep that data accurate.

Best regards,

[email protected]

PS:  I'll be updating cisco's entry at RIPE once Geert Jan has time to
     clarify some points that I'm confused about. :-)