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ipv6 addresses

>Who is allocating ipv6 addresses ??  We're starting to bring up
>some ipv6 machines in our lab, get some experience, and then attempt
>to connect to the 6-bone.  I'd like to get some officially assigned
>addresses now

I for one took your message that you knew about RFC 1897 and want a
"real" IPv6 address.  For now to play 1897 will work.  But this has come
up before and a real issue for some end users today and I believe
a lot within 1 year.  The draft on the table that solves this problem is
as follows:  

   "An IPv6 Provider-Based Unicast Address Format", Y. Rekhter, P.  Lothberg, 
   R. Hinden,, 04/03/1996, <draft-ietf-ipngwg-unicast-addr-fmt-04.txt>

The problem is that if you read it there is a place to define the registry
bits and that requires some kind of international coordination with
IANA and algorithm so it can move to Proposed Standard.  People are
working on it and I think it should be a topic of discussion at the IPng
meeting in San Jose Dec 1996.  This needs to get fixed and done

We already have some folks who have annouced real IPv6 products (and I
predict a lot more will by March 1997) and customers are going to buy them.  
Now we need real IPv6 addresses for them.  This 1897 strategy is not going to 
fly with the buying public.