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secondary name server that understands AAAA records

In message <[email protected]>W. Richard Stevens writes
>Before adding AAAA records to my name server I started wondering
>just what my secondary was going to do when it got AAAA records
>in the zone transfers.

I just created a subdomain into which I put all of my AAAA records,
ipv6.nas.nasa.gov.  It looks like quite a few other sites are doing
something similar.  The documentation for the Inria code suggests that
it can be difficult to deal with hosts that have both IPv4 and IPv6
address mappings:

   FIRST use DNS option "mapIPv6" ("options mapIPv6" in /etc/resolv.conf
   or "setenv RES_OPTIONS mapIPv6").  If you forget this any IPv6/IPv4
   application will try to get AAAA RR before A RR and wait because there
   are no AAAA RR.  With it you cannot use a name bound to both an IPv4
   and an IPv6 address.

Or is there something else at work here?  I've noticed relatively
little discussion of this, or of reverse DNS issues.