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6bone connection requested

I'd like to join the 6bone.  After following this mailing list for
the past few weeks, and looking at the home page, it's not obvious
how this happens.  My guess is to just find someone "close" that is
already connected, who is willing to provide a tunnel?

I've got the current map, have done some pings and traceroutes, and
it appears "Sun/US" is the "closest".  I'm in Tucson and my network
connectivity goes through either SprintLink is Anaheim or MCI in Los
Angeles.  (It's hard to tell from the names on the map, just where
the site is located, physically and network-wise.)  I am assuming
that's its best to connect to one of the leaves (like Sun), and not
the interior nodes (like Cisco).

	Rich Stevens

(I apologize is this is a duplicate.  I sent the same request out
yesterday, but it was from an email account other than my 6bone
subscription, so it appears to have been tossed, although majordomo
did not return an error of any form.)