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t-shirt graphic

At 2:19 PM -0700 10/25/96, Andrew J. Hoag wrote:
>> equal presence.  I'd like to avoid a euro-centric approach in fairness
>> to other parts of the globe. :-)
>That _exact_ feeling was the reason I at first, didn't advocate using the 3=
>map at all, and then advocated the North Pole version of the map. Although,=
>the shirt's current incantation of "6bone World Tour" I feel some sort of
>representation of the world would go hand-in-hand.
>Does anyone else on the list have a strong preference for one of the three
>choices? (Topographical map, 3-D polar view, 3-D Euro-centric?)
>Bob? It's your T-shirt...   ;-)

I believe the globe expresses the "wholeness/worldliness" of the project,
and the Europe-USA format shows lots of US and Europe and VERY obvious
links to the other side of the globe.

As for showing details of who is really participating, the 6bone map I
maintain doesn't show details of the larger clouds such as WIDE, G6 or
UNI-C.  It also shows details of interconnection that aren't necessarily
the important part of the message.

I believe the list under the globe is where to relate the long list of
participants.  After all, the goal is not really a Tshirt, but selling IPv6
and letting people know the scale of it.  IMHO, the globe and a real long
list of sites does just that.

I would like to offer the various sites hidden in clouds (WIDE, G6, UNI-C
et al) to come forward with their site names...I'll happily add them as
they have a place in this message/celebration.

So please throw site names at me...let's have the IETFers say to
themselves, "wow, I didn't know that v6 had come so far...let's get