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6bone logo contest

Time has come to vote for the 6bone logo of your choice.  You can see them
all at:


So please email me your vote (one per customer :-) by close of your
business day, 23 October (Wed.), clearly stating which logo you want.  CC
the list if you want, I don't think this is a secret deal :-)

And please don't vote for mine; it is not really a logo, just a place holder.

The goal is to select a logo we think will look really great on the web
pages AND the T-shirts I will have made and sell (at cost) to better
advertize and motivate the world towards IPv6.

My plan is to have them for the San Jose meeting as transportation from
Berkeley is real easy for me that way.

I would also like suggestions for text to go with the logo, front and back.
And possible color for the T (I hate pure white).  Just express your own
desires.  I'll sort it out.

Also, tell me your size preference.  If I don't hear otherwise, all T's
will be X-Large as this works for everyone (even the women typically like
them extra large).

I will make some moderately large production run of these T's for sale
(again, at cost only...I'm not making money here).  So please suggest a
quantity of T's you think I should have made.

To summarize, please send me by close of your business day, 23rd October:

1.  your logo choice

2.  some suggestions for text (front and back)

3.  your color preference for the T (tho the logo may dictate this?)

4.  your size preference

5.  an estimate of how many I should have made