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CSELT would like to join the 6Bone


my name is Ivano Guardini. I'm a researcher from CSELT (Centro Studi e
Laboratori Telecomunicazioni). CSELT is located in Torino (Italy). It is
the STET Group's Company for the study, research, experimentation and
qualification for telecomunications and information technology.
My working group is creating an IPv6 test-bed network within CSELT. Our
hosts are workstations and PCs. On the workstations we installed Sun
IPv6 code for Solaris 2.5. On the PCs we installed NRL IPv6 code for
NetBSD 1.2, INRIA IPv6 code for FreeBSD 2.1.5 and IPv6 code for Linux.
One of  the workstation acts as router.
We would like to join the 6bone. What is the most appropriate attachment
point for us?
I will be waiting a reply from you as soon as possible.
Thank you.


Ivano Guardini  CSELT SpA
via G. Reiss Romoli 274  Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39 11 228 5424
Fax. +39 11 228 5069