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New site DeTeBerkom-DE


we connected our IPv6 test-site to the 6bone.
Tunnels are operational to DIGITAL-CA, JOIN-DE and to TU-BERLIN-DE.

Please be aware that this is a testbed, which can be rebooted sometimes.

Following information has been stored on the RIPE server:

site:           DeTeBerkom GmbH
location:       Berlin, Germany
loc-string:     52 28n 13 18e 50m
prefix:         5F04:FB00:8D27:4200::/64
ping:           5F04:FB00:8D27:4200:1:800:2B91:AF86 (pioneer6.deteberkom.de)
tunnel: JOIN/DE
tunnel: TU Berlin/DE
tunnel-v4:      pioneer4.deteberkom.de (
contact:        [email protected]
status:         operational since 13-Nov-1996
remark:         As this is an IPv6 testbed connectivity might be
remark:         lost rarely
remark:         The testbed consists of systems from
remark:          Digital
remark:          HP
remark:          IBM
remark:          SUN
remark:         Running implementations are from
remark:          SICS, Digital, IBM and SUN
remark:         New tunnels added, RIP or static; send mail to contact
changed:        Bernd Weise 19961114
source:         RIPE


i      Bernd Weise, DeTeBerkom GmbH, Voltastrasse 5, D-13355 Berlin         i
i        Tel. +49 - 30 - 46701-143,     Fax. +49 - 30 - 46701-445           i
i                                                                           i
i      NEW ADDRESS from 1. December 1996:                                   i
i        DeTeBerkom GmbH, Goslarer Ufer 35,10589 Berlin                     i 
i        Tel: +49 - 30 - 3497-3112,   Fax: -3113                            i
i                                                                           i
i      Internet: [email protected]                                        i