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multiple tunnels

Hi Matt,

Matthew R. Ganis (914) 684-4575 wrote:
> For those sites that have multiple tunnels up and running: how are you
> doing your routing ?  For example, today I have a tunnel to NRL
> and I'm routing (by default) all of 5f00::/8 to them.  But If I added
> another tunnel I'd need to change my routing (which is fine).
> Do I need to figure out my own static routes or can I run RIPng from
> the other end of my tunnels ?
>                                    thanks,
>                                          Matt.

At present the 6Bone defaults to statically configured tunnels but the
use of RIPv6 is beginning between those tunnels that support it. We are
promoting the idea of using IDRP for IPv6 for exchanging routing
information which has the advantage of offering more effective
scaleability. The protocol is now running successfully on the 6Bone 
between UNI-C/JOIN/IFB/and TELEBIT (with NIST and others starting soon).

The routing table snap-shot shown below, taken from UNI-C's operational
IPv6 network shows some of the possible combinations for managing
multiple tunnels. 

5f00:3000::/32                          cphUNH       10 Static path
5f02:3000::/32                          cphUNH       10 Static path
5f04:fb00::/32                          cpherla       5 IDRP
5f04:fb00:80b0:0:bf42:c0:3302:14/128    cpherla       1 Configured Peer
5f05:2000::/32                          cphUNH       10 Static path
5f06:b500::/32                          cphG6        10 Static path
5f06:b500:8158:1a00:1:0:8158:1a01/128   cphG6         1 Configured Peer
5f06:d500::/32                          cphUNH       10 Static path
5f07:2b00:82e1:e700::/64                unveav6lan1 200 Configured Peer
5f09:c400::/32                          cphWIDE      10 Static path
5f09:c400:a3dd:b00:0:0:c0e3:665f/128    cphWIDE       1 Configured Peer
5f0b:1700::/32                          unicsics     10 Static path
5f0b:3700::/32                          cpherla      55 IDRP-EXT
5f0c:bf00::/32                          cphtelebit    5 IDRP
5f0c:bf00:c2b6:8700:fd:1111:1111:1111/12  cphtelebit  1 Configured Peer
5f0d:e900::/32                           cphUNH      10 Static path

Hope this helps,