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IPv6 on ATM


>And what will we do for FR, X-25, etc.?  Provide yet separate solutions?! :(

I don't want that either. This will come up at ION but I don't have a
problem with this discussion here it seems friendly and worthwhile.

I just don't want:

  1.  NHRP for IPv6 address processing I want to use the mechanisms
      I have built for ND, Addrconf, DHCPv6.

  2.  The Internet Layer to change built for IPv6 as an abstraction.

Now I believe that Armitage/Schulter/Harter/Jork can do the above and
for all NBMA links.  I also think they do not have an issue with
cutthrough using NHRP off link.

I am just speaking about a link OK.  Not the cloud or communications
between partitions.  

But I do think the folks above can build a link VPN with their approach
and get multicast to work over NBMA too.