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Connection Request

	I'm looking for a 6Bone connection to Interop's testing and 
hotstaging facility in the San Francisco Bay area. We're currently hung 
off of Barrnet. The idea for us is to have a testbed to play with v6 
interoperability before we try to do any real deployment in the 
InteropNet networks next year at the Interop shows. I'm running release 5 
of the Solaris port on core.hstf.interop.net (, and if I 
didn't blow any of my math, my RFC1897 testing address is 
5f:00:fd:00:c7:2d:0b:00:2d:0b:08:00:20:19:d1:91. Anyone in a position to 
help me out? Thanks!

P.S. Any chance this will be in time to make the T-shirt? :)

	Jim Martin			Internet: [email protected]
	Network Engineering		Fax: (408) 541-4121 
	Softbank Expos			Phone: (415) 372-6750