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more tunnels and what to do next

Hi Jim,
>What I think we need to do after configuring this with UNH on the east
>coast.  Is determine a way of automating prefix distribution on the
>6bone with the tunnel end points.  You should be able to directly send
>to UNH which is our leg of the 6bone on the U.S. East coast. And not
>have to go through West Coast given the prefix of the node based on RFC
>1897.  We should have the East Coast end point up soon.
>If we could develop an algorithm to generate the IPv4-Tunnel end point
>from the prefix which may be possible using RFC 1897 that would help a

Looks like a good idea. How about everyone having 24 bit IPv4 subnets. so that
we have 64 bit prefixes formed from there. Ex is 84b1:7600
when I form a prefix I get 5f02:3000:7600:84b1::/64. Then all can agree that 
some standard last octet can be used to find the v4 address for the 
tunnel endpoint. How abot using the last octet of your autonomous system #
e.g. for us ASN is 0x0230 so the last octet is 0x30 so the the tunnel
endpoint is

This is pretty restrictive though, may be something on similar lines.


Quaizar Vohra
Inter-Operatibility Lab. (IOL), Univ. of New Hampshire
E-mail : [email protected]
Phone : (603)-862-0090