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How to configure a tunnel

|   Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 19:28:25 -0400
|   From: Masaki Hirabaru <[email protected]>
|   Hi. I'd like to know how to configure a tunnel to 6bone or which
|   implementation freely available supports configured tunneling.
|   I tried to use solaris ipv6 first, but it seems to support only
|   automatic tunneling. I next tried to check freebsd INRIA version,
|   which supports automatic tunneling, but I'm not sure if it
|   supports configured tunneling.

====BT: Yes it does! since we -G6/France- and some others right now are
	running it for that purpose.

|   (...) Anyway, we're going to join 6bone when we are ready.

====BT: Welcome to the -still- small 6bone operations' group

|   (...) Craig Labovitz and I at Merit are much interested in
|   joining 6bone in order to run MRT (Multi-threaded Routing
|   Toolkit), which supports RIPng now, under real & wider v6
|   environment.

====BT: Fine. Is your code freely available to play with ?

|   I'd like to know who I should ask to connect our v6
|   island to the 6bone. Thanks.

====BT: to connect to G6/France, please ask [email protected]
	to connect to WIDE/Japan, ask [email protected]
	to connect to Uni-C/Denmark, ask [email protected]

	In fact, the [email protected] mailing list is the right place to 
	reach everybody you need to connect to, since it'll become 
	painful to enumerate email addresses for all ipv6 clouds
	connected all around the world...


  +Bernard Tuy.