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6Bone Status


>> The 6-bone is starting!
>Congratulations, WIDE, G6, and UNI-C!
>Is anyone maintaining a map of 6bone?

I had asked Geert Jan de Groot if he could include long/lat in the routing
registry so we could possibly do this automatically in the future.

Meanwhile, I hope to provide at least a rudimentary map for the 6bone web
pages when I'm back from vacation next week (we'll see how that flies in
the face of not having been in the office since before the Montreal IETF

Outside of simple network names, what should be shown on the map?  All
ideas appreciated.

Would like to hear from Geert on this as he might have his own ideas on
what to do.  At any rate, something should be done soon (and referenced
thru the 6bone web site at a minimum).