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Connection to 6bone (request)

Hi there,
I'd like to get a couple of machines here at the University of Colorado
up on the 6bone.  I have one machine with two network interfaces
running Linux (2.1.17), and another which will probably run BSDi.
I would like the Linux machine to route from a tunnel to a native
IPv6 net on the other side. (yeah, it'll only have one machine for
now...)  Does anybody see an immediate problem with this?  I'm just
starting with this stuff, so comments are appreciated.

I guess there are a couple of issues I need resolved still:

1) I need a tunnel.  I checked out the RIPE database but was not
sure how to go about finding someone close. (is closeness an issue
right now?)  Any offers or suggestions on where I might look further?

2) RIPE entry.  The FAQ I read said to ask here for the anonymous
ftp password.  Is this still the way entries are updated?  If so,
would someone please send me the password(s)?  Here is my so far
incomplete entry.

site:           University of Colorado
location:       Boulder, CO, USA
loc-string:     40 0 0n 106 0 0w 1760m
contact:        Adam Boggs <[email protected]>
status:         planned
changed:        [email protected] Dec. 28, 1996
source:         RIPE

3) Address space.  I understand we're using the test addresses from
RFC 1897, but I'm still unclear on what to use for the AS number.
I assume it is the AS number of the person providing the IPv6 tunnel
and it will be given to me, and not of our IPv4 provider?

4) Name service.  I have the ipv6.cs.colorado.edu domain and have
set up a bogus forward entry in there for the moment (the nameserver
is running bind 4.9.5).  I can not figure out how (or if) I'm supposed
to add the reverse maps to named.boot and the actual datafile.  If
someone could point me to some info on this or paste in their named
configs with some brief explanation, that would help a lot.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks..

-Adam Boggs
Undergraduate Operations,
University of Colorado, Boulder