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    We have a new site now operational, from the Digital European Technical
    Centre, Sophia Antipolis, France.

    There is no nameserver just yet, just an IPv6 Router. The Nameserver  will
    come on-line in a week or so (christmas permitting). The RIPE record is
    below. It will be in the database shortly.


    Bob Watson, Digital

site:           Digital Equipment Corporation
location:       Centre Technique Europe, Sophia Antipolis, France
prefix:         5F06:B500:C138:0F00::/64
ping:           5F06:B500:C138:0F00::F8A4:8428 vboipv6rtr.ipv6.europe.digital.com
tunnel:  DIGITAL-CA
tunnel:   DIGITAL-EARC
contact:        [email protected]
status:         operational since 20-Dec-1996
remark:		Digital RouteAbout Access EI-ISDN /IPv6
remark:         New tunnels added, RIP or static; send mail to contact
changed:        [email protected] 961220
source:         RIPE